House at Mosman

This robust executive residence sits boldy on the Balmoral hillside. Cutting edge design has led to the efficient use of space with open plan living and dissolved the boundary between indoor and outdoor space. Panoramic harbour views can be enjoyed from almost every room.

The fusion of exciting, modern materials such as zinc cladding with natural materials such as timber and stone has given rise to the mascule expression of geometry. A theme that is carried right through to details such as the front fence and built-in furniture. Self-cleaning glass and zinc cladding minimise household maintenance. The zinc itself has a 100 year lifespan.

Nigel drove every aspect of the design to ensure that such a bold architectural statement did not compromise sustainability.

The clever marriage of structure and insulation means that artificial heating and cooling are rarely required. The house is equipped with a heat exchange room enabling wast heat to be used to heat the pool and domestic hot water units.

Technology has been integrated into the heart of the building. Blinds and shutters are concealed in the ceiling and are automatically lowered to minimise heat gain in the summer, or maximise privacy at night. A large solar array powers pool filtration, refridgeration and other functions in the home.